Recipes for

the High Holidays

As with all Jewish holidays, food is a big part of the High Holidays. For Rosh HaShanah, we wish people a “Sweet New Year” and therefore it is traditional to add honey to vegetable dishes, desserts and even meat/chicken. Honey cake, sliced apples dipped in honey, honeyed carrots, and other delicacies are often enjoyed.

honey cake.jpg

In addition to last year's recipe listings, we're sharing a link to a free e-cookbook sponsored by THE NOSHER, which has partnered with Jewish cookbook author Jamie Geller. Click here to get the recipe collection, which features food classics, like butternut squash kugel and applesauce cake, and some new favorites, like pomegranate-roasted carrots with sumac and balsamic-apple-date challah to spice up your holidays a bit.