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Girl Hiking in Mountains


Since the beginning of the pandemic, most of us have been confined to spaces in our homes. We have participated in and enjoyed online events, classes, screenings, lectures and services. We are thankful for all those programs that have brought us together virtually. Now, however, with changes in social distancing, there is greater opportunity to gather together outdoors while maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. In addition, we are working to identify more interactive programming which will be conducted while social distancing, such as scavenger hikes, museum visits, beach days and more.

YOUNG FAMILIES' PROGRAMMING is the CCJCC's new programming for people and families to get together outside and/or to conduct interactively. We'll reunite with old friends, make new ones, and connect to nature, storytelling and other things that interest us.

So, join us, and make new friends outside!

No events at the moment
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