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For All Events,

Virtual & In-Person

Before the pandemic, all our events were in person and pre-registration was strongly recommended. By signing up early, you enjoyed lower admission fees and guaranteed yourselves a place "at the table." Now, with all programs being virtual, registration is required. However, you can sign up for most events up until an hour before the start time, attend webinars hosted on the East Coast, stream movies you can watch only at local film festivals in the comfort of your home. And they are all a few clicks away. 

Other than online registration becoming a must, not much else has changed. Under One Tent programs -- whether virtual or in-person -- still have sponsors, and the first listed sponsor collects RSVPs, sells event tickets, and provides the link to sign-up for a virtual event. For example, if the main sponsor is CCJCC, tickets are available for purchase here. If it is a different sponsor organization, we redirect you -- through the RSVP button -- to their websites or registration links. This is also the case, when CCJCC is the main local sponsor of an event that many different organizations around the United States are paticipating together.

You have registered for an event but are looking for more information on its sponsor, visit our "Sponsors" page. For other questions you may have regarding registration process, please email

Thanks for registering!

Watching a Movie
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