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Books on Passover

The list below contains just a handful of the books available that provide information on Passover. These titles are still available for purchase online. In addition, you can contact your local bookstore to see if they can get the book for you.

There are far too many cookbooks for us to list. Many Jewish cookbooks contain a chapter of Passover recipes, so check out those that are already in your bookshelf AND think about calling/emailing relatives and friends for their favorite Passover recipes. 


A haggadah is the “script” for the Passover seder.  There are a wide variety of haggadot—from traditional ones to those that are perfect for young children to those that have a contemporary feel. 

 Listed below are a few special haggadot from the collection of one of our local Jewish educators.

And a 2 minute Haggadah from the late Robin Williams...  

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